The Oxygen Concentrator is intended for individual use as an oxygen supplement device in a home or care facility. The patient is the intended operator. The concentrator is an electronically-operated device that separates oxygen from the ambient air. It provides a high concentration of oxygen directly to you through a nasal cannula or other methods. Clinical studies have documented that oxygen concentrators are therapeutically equivalent to other types of oxygen delivery systems.

This equipment takes 120V ~ power source as power source, air as raw material, adopts high quality and high efficiency molecular sieve, and through PSA method at room temperature, produces high purity oxygen conforming to medical standards, thus achieving sustainable and uninterrupted oxygen supply.

This user manual contains important information about the use of your concentrator and will serve as a reference for you as you use your concentrator.



  • The oxygen concentrator is comprised of the main unit, a humidifier, and a flow meter.

  • Reliable, safe, completely plastic outer shell, with circuit breaker.

  • Display screen shows total runtime of the device.

  • Pressure safety valve helps ensure correct operating pressure.

  • Power loss alarm function.

  • High and low pressure alarm function.

  • Low oxygen concentration alarm function.

  • Heat protection to ensure safety of the compressor and concentrator.

Lifestyle 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator